Welcome Back!

Whew!  What a year it’s been!  More like 18 months, I suppose.  Time gets away so easily.

I’ve decided to take this blog in a slightly different direction.  I hope to still include recipes and meal ideas, but the journey I’ve been on for the last 18 months has been life changing and I feel the need to share it.

So where have I been?  What have I been doing?  WOW!  Where do I begin?  It’s been a wild ride of inner healing, self awareness, meditation, schooling and starting a whole new business.  I still can’t believe how things have changed.

When I started this blog, I was still in the process of recovering from Lyme Disease.  I was making incredible progress using food to heal my body.  Food, which for much of my life was used for comfort and pleasing my taste buds, was now a powerful tool to bring deep and intense healing.  It was a very profound time for me after 13 years of pursuing everything I could get my hands on that might heal me.  That is how this blog was born, but just like everything in life, it has morphed into something new.

I have decided to share some of the things that I am discovering within myself as I do inner work through meditation, receiving and giving Craniosacral Therapy (CST) sessions and stepping out into my passions.  Because of the profundity of this work, I decided to go to massage school last year and build a practice upon graduation.  I received my license in September and rented an office space that same month.  CST is my greatest passion, because it allows me to support and facilitate people in their own healing process.  Each session, for myself and others, blows my mind!

It’s exciting to be on a completely different path.  For years, I believed I would inherit my parents small business and run the financial office for the rest of my life.  It was amazing work, but in the end my heart wanted something else.  When I allowed myself to challenge this reality, so much changed.  It’s been hard work, but this is work that allows me to go to bed a night feeling good about my decisions.  It’s hard to face my fears, realize I’m the one who has created my reality, pull out deep emotional pain and look it square in the face, understand that what my future holds depends on the freedoms I allow myself now, see that I am responsible for all my life is, and all the happiness, joy and blissity I experience comes from inside of me. (Yes, I created that word, but I think it perfectly expresses my feeling.)  No one and nothing can fully meet my need for love.  I have to love me before I am able to love another.  Otherwise, I am trying to love out of lack which becomes a selfish love and not a giving, uplifting, freeing and inspiring love.  As I am able to heal my lifelong trauma by going within and allowing it out, the obstacles to finding freedom give way and the glorious-ness of my purpose and who I was created to be can flourish and flow naturally.  This is possible for anyone who is willing to do the work.  I’m not special in that regard, it was just a choice I made and continue to make.  Maybe I’m an idealist, and maybe I have fooled myself into seeing life this way, if so then I prefer to live as fool than in misery.

For more information about CST: Upledger Institute

For more information about my practice: Patra: A craniosacral studio


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  1. M Marcey says:

    Witness. I have enjoyed growing with you! Thanks. Look forward to seeing you soon

  2. Emily Olsen says:

    Wonderful blog. Welcome back Patra, thank you for sharing your journey .

  3. Jennifer D. says:

    She’s back and better than ever!

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