Patra Healey, LMT, CST-T

When people have found little success in our conventional medical system, they may find there is nowhere to turn. If this is the case for you, it may be time to look in a different direction. Patra Healey is trained in Advanced Craniosacral Therapy, which can help inspire and facilitate the body in its own healing process. When people take responsibility for their own healing, they can find a peaceful, pain free lifestyle. She has helped people in all walks of life release themselves from trauma, pain and self-harming behaviors. It is her hearts’ desire to walk with her clients through some of the most painful times of their lives, providing a supportive space to learn how to listen to their bodies and receive the healing they long for. 

Self-healing is something Patra is very familiar with. Receiving a diagnosis of Lyme disease in 2010, she found herself on a pursuit of health that led her to Craniosacral Therapy (CST). Through the use of Young Living therapeutic essential oils, the Weston A. Price diet, supplements and CST, she has fully recovered from Lyme and is living a pain free life. On this journey, she discovered inner healing and her passion to support others who are seeking the same. It is her desire to pay it forward and to help others find healing for themselves.

Patra received her Massage Therapy training at the Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage in June 2018 and is licensed in the State of Maryland.  She’s been in training for CST since January 2016 and discovered that gentle, light touch therapy was her passion in life. She is certified in Craniosacral Techniques as of April 2023 and is currently working towards her Diplomate Certification.

The Inside Effects: How The Body Heals Itself, a soon-to-be-released documentary created by Keith Leon S., interviews leading doctors, health advocates, researchers, scientists and others on the essential elements of self healing and the secrets they discovered along the way. Patra is contributing a chapter to the book about her healing journey. Click the link to check out the trailer! Make sure to signup to receive info on the release date.

Patra was also published in the book, The Revolution of Self Love: A Yearlong Journey Of Self-Love: 52 Authors, Stories, And Exercises available in paperback or Kindle on Amazon. 

If you are interested in reading more of her work, check out the blog on this site.  

In her spare time, Patra enjoys time with her rescued Chihuahua mix, Oliver, solving sudoku nanograms, catching up on Netflix Originals and spending time in deep conversation with friends. Currently, Patra is teaching herself the basics of Qi Gong. In the future, she plans to join other therapists of multiple modalities who are traveling to bring their healing abilities where they are needed.

Patra shares her Recovery Story in an interview.