The Mud

I trudge through the mud, pulling each foot slowly forward. Moving at a painstakingly slow pace, I’m not sure I can do this much longer. I contemplate sitting down and allowing the mud to overtake me. I’m in agony, exhausted and wracked with pain. It’s excruciating and I’m ready to give up. Done. No more….

It Takes Guts

I wrote this after my Advanced training in CranioSacral Therapy last July. Every morning for 5 days, we shared in a circle setting and spent the afternoon and evening in sessions. There were 2 groups of five and we did some very intense work, growing, healing, learning and expanding. The following was written after one…

The Thriver

Recently, I’ve been working through some pretty heavy stuff. Through a series of events, I realized all this inner work has brought about the death of my Survivor. The one who knew I could heal myself and didn’t accept anything less. The one who got up every day and did what needed to be done….

Before Me

The before me doesn’t know the now me.


It’s such a simple thing.