Lemon Macaroon Cheesecake Tartlet

Cheesecake is probably my favorite dessert.  If I opt for dessert, it’s always my go to when I’m at a restaurant.  I never thought a raw cheesecake would ever measure up, but this recipe is fantastic! When I think of Cheesecake, I think of my friend Jen.  She was my roommate for several years and…

Orange Cake

“This delicious cake incorporates the principles of both lacto-fermentation and enzyme nutrition. The flour is soaked in cultured cream and yoghurt and, after cooking, the cake is soaked for another day or so in a mixture of orange juice, lemon juice and raw honey, whey and brandy or sherry. This imparts enzymes to the cake along with flavor and moistness.” Nourishing Traditions, pg 567