Baby Daikon Radish Ferment

I have a friend who absolutely adores my radish ferments.  She can sit down and eat a whole jar at a time.  So when I can get my hands on some radishes, I’m always sure to bring her a jar.  As my motto states (Fermentation does all the farting for you!), you might be able to imagine…

Orange Cake

“This delicious cake incorporates the principles of both lacto-fermentation and enzyme nutrition. The flour is soaked in cultured cream and yoghurt and, after cooking, the cake is soaked for another day or so in a mixture of orange juice, lemon juice and raw honey, whey and brandy or sherry. This imparts enzymes to the cake along with flavor and moistness.” Nourishing Traditions, pg 567

Kraut – Homestyle

Kraut is one of my favorite things to make. It’s a low cost food that builds the immune system and heals the gut.