Hello and welcome to Fit For A King!  The food we eat makes all the difference in how we feel, behave and think.  It’s time I begin to share all I’m learning with those who are interested!  I hope to post at least once a week, but there may be more depending on how much free time I have.

I’ve had a love for cooking most of my life.  I grew up with  most of our meals made from scratch by my stay-at-home mom.  She had the ability to open the fridge on any given night and just throw a delicious meal together.  I’m sure there was a lot of planning involved, but from my point of view, it just “happened”.  She often let me pull a chair over to the counter, saddle up next to her and help stir, crack eggs, measure ingredients, cut veggies and enjoy the special time we had together.  I loved every moment of it!  She was always amazing like that.  Worrying about a mess was not worth her time, but allowing me and my brothers to learn to cook and bake, handle sharp knives safely, and the math involved in baking and cooking was more than I realized was happening!  She was patient and kind and made sure to announce who helped with dinner.  “Patra, you make the BEST deviled eggs!”.  If this experience was not part of my childhood, I’m not sure I would have enough courage to experiment with food like I do now.  She opened the door for me to see all the creative things that are waiting to be done!

I am a single woman living in the beautiful Chesapeake Bay area.  I have a small dog, Oliver, and two chickens who recently came to live in my backyard.  I am learning to enjoy the outdoors more and working to use the land I live on to the best of my ability.

I was very ill for most of my adult life and suffered terribly from pain.  I did all the conventional medical treatments with no success.  Through a series of events, I was introduced to the understanding that food can heal our bodies along with essential oils, homeopathy and supplementation.  It was a slow process, changing from the modern American diet to a more traditional, nourishing diet, but I did it with one small change at a time.  I am healthier now than I have been since I was a teenager!  I am off of all previously prescribed medications, my cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure are all in healthy ranges and the pain is subsiding greatly!  I have hope and a future!

I dedicate all that I’ve learned, my healing, and my life to our loving Father in Heaven, Yahovah!

So let’s do some cookin’!



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  1. Troy King says:

    I’ve enjoyed your Facebook posts for a while. I’m so glad you have a blog now so others can see your recipes and story!

    1. Thanks Troy! I’m really enjoying this.

  2. lynne kee says:

    I have been wanting to grab some new clean recipes– boom— here you are. Right in my own back yard! (virtually speaking) Looking forward to trying them all~ Thank you

    1. I’m so glad you are here! Enjoy!

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